Every student deserves to have their basic needs met.

Together, we can fulfill those needs and give them hope for a brighter future.

Students who come from low-income families are 7x more likely to drop out of school. 

There are students right here in your community who go every day without having their basic needs met. This means they: 

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Are hungry


Have poor hygiene

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Wear shoes that don’t fit

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Have no clean clothes to wear

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Don’t have what they need to succeed in school

Lack of resources doesn’t just impact their academic performance — it also affects their social, emotional, and behavioral growth; and ultimately, their futures.

Our goal is to keep children from feeling the embarrassment, shame, and negative effects that stem from circumstances outside of their control.

Your generosity creates an opportunity for children to thrive.

When students’ basic needs are met, they don’t have to worry about the consequences of poverty, giving them space to:

Wondering how it works?

Student is referred by district / school staff or social service agency.

A student in need is identified and is referred to us through online portal.

GCP prepares custom care package for student in need.

Our team lovingly puts together requested items.

Care package is discreetly delivered to student within 1 week.

With their needs addressed, they feel seen and supported.

Our Village

We’re thankful for our partnerships! 

How We Care for Students

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Unhoused Students Served

We’re working to break the cycle of poverty.

At heart, all students want stability and love — but poverty makes it difficult for them to get something as simple as their basic needs met. This leaves them feeling ashamed and hopeless among their peers.

Children in the richest country in the world shouldn’t have to go without basic necessities like food, clean clothes, and hygiene products.

The Giving Closet Project was founded by a teacher who saw firsthand the heartbreak involved in children who go without basic needs, and the consequences it creates. It’s the reason we serve over 1500 children a year with care packages that give them the dignity they deserve.

There are children right here in our community who need your help. By donating or volunteering today, you can play a part in a project of purpose that keeps children from feeling outcast and hopeless, and instead, gives them confidence and hope for the future.

Hear from our community!

What a great and welcoming organization! This will be an effective way to find homes for the lost and found items and meet a community need. I greatly appreciate that we can select the correct sized and items actually needed by our families, offering them dignity.


The GCP was wonderful! I'm so impressed with the staff's hard work, organization, & dedication to helping our community. I was able to collect school supplies, hygiene products, as well as clothes and shows for deserving students. I couldn't be more impress & excited to help this project grow.


Amazing organization that serves so many kids locally!


The Giving Closet is wonderful. As a social worker for Duval County Public Schools I work with many families who have a variety of needs-one of them being clothing and shoes. I was able to get many great items to help a family of 6 who is currently going through a hard time when I went to the closet last night. Not having decent clothing is one barrier to education that no child should have to experience and the Giving Closet is helping to reduce that barrier.


Play a part in a project of purpose.

There are children right here in our community who need your help.

Want to get involved?

Download a list of ways you, your group, or your family can help.