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Making a Difference at The Giving Closet Project

Welcome to The Giving Closet Project, a dedicated charity organization fueled by a resolute commitment to make a meaningful impact in the lives of students and children navigating adversity. Our overarching mission is to extend a compassionate hand to those who find themselves in need, ensuring that every child’s fundamental right to education, stability, and a promising future is unwaveringly upheld.

In today’s challenging landscape, where unstable environments, homelessness, and limited access to vital resources cast shadows on the educational journey, students are facing unprecedented struggles stemming from situational poverty. Our profound goal is to stand as a barrier against the weight of embarrassment, shame, and the negative repercussions that often arise from circumstances entirely beyond their control.

At The Giving Closet Project (The GCP), we stand united as educators, community members, and business leaders. Our strength lies in employing straightforward, effective solutions that directly address the diverse challenges students encounter within our school communities.

Our Vision

Our Mission


Transforming Lives and Communities

Empower students, create resilience, and brighten futures with us at The Giving Closet Project.

Impact Mitigation

Striving to mitigate the impacts of uncontrollable circumstances on students.

Adversity Shield

Implementing practical solutions to shield students from adversity within our school communities.

Creating a Brighter Future

Shaping a world where every student confidently embraces their potential, contributing to a brighter future.

Empowerment and Change

Inviting you to join us in empowering students and driving positive change.

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Meet Our Mission Shapers: With diverse expertise and unwavering commitment, they guide impactful initiatives for students and children in need.

Jennifer Smith

Founder & CEO

Dean Medley

Board President

Wilshem Pennick

Vice Chairman of the Board

Christine Johnson

HR Excutive

Jeff McCain

CIGA Healthcare

Tracy Hay

Board Member

Cynthia Swank

Board Member

Linda Calola

Retired Teacher

Josh Cooksey

Board Member

Russell Caffey

JEA Finance

Mark Simmonds