Helping One Child At A Time!


​Students in our schools are struggling now more than ever from problems caused by situational poverty. These problems affecting our students range from living in unstable environments, homelessness, and access to resources. The Giving Closet Project aims to address some of the most basic problems that our students and schools face through simple, effective solutions.


1. Donate Clothes & Essentials

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3. Volunteer Your Time

Your donation will help us in our mission to provides clothing and hygiene products to students in need, elevating their self-esteem and dignity.

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The Hope

The Giving Closet Project will not only assist schools in making their lost and founds work more efficiently, but will also provide donation services for all children in need within our school communities.  It’s time to start thinking outside of the box when it comes to helping our children in need.  We must begin coming together and helping one another again.  Student volunteer opportunities are available to help earn community service hours toward scholarships while learning the importance of civic responsibility. The Giving Closet Project will help change lives for children within our school communities, and give children a sense of belonging and love, but most of all, hope.

Letter From The Founder

The Giving Closet Project is the first of many projects that will be the beginning of what public schools across the nation are in desperate need of: HOPE!  It’s time for communities to awaken their hearts, and start helping children in the place they spend the majority of their time: school.  It’s time to give all children the safe haven they need and deserve, right in their own school communities. 

​The Giving Closet will not only help children build their self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth, but also show them that there are people who care about them and their overall well-being. The well-being of the whole child needs to be a priority, and The Giving Closet will help fill many of the missing pieces.  Instead of focusing efforts on just helping children in their futures, we need to make it a part of a child’s everyday life.

Making a difference and leaving lasting imprints in children’s lives will not only shape our next generation into becoming a caring, empathetic, and a loving society again, but will get more people involved in humanitarian work within our schools each and every day to help our children in need.

Thank you,
Jennifer Smith
 ~An advocate for our future leaders of tomorrow