Lost & Found


About Us 

The Giving Closet Project, Inc. provides clothing and hygiene products to students in need, elevating their self-esteem and dignity. Our grassroots, organization was founded by a former Duval County teacher in April 2016. Today, we are a one-stop shop for educators, making sure that their students’ basic needs are met throughout the school year. Weekly, we receive student referrals from counselors, case managers, social workers, and teachers. Our volunteers fill orders at our Giving Closet district “hubs” and then deliver care packages out to schools within one week. Upcycling unclaimed lost and found clothing from schools are the roots from which the GCP began. Learn more about why our Lost and Found Makeover Program is perfect for your school!


  • Organized and functional area 
  • Beautifies school 
  • Clean, sanitary, less germs 
  • Efficient system to maintain 
  • Burden off school faculty 
  • Upcycle clothing to a good cause 


  • Less dirt, mildew, bugs = healthier school 
  • Students easily reunite with lost belongings 
  • Engaging service-learning project for students 
  • Less lost and found waste 
  • Happy parents and students 
  • More students have access to basic needs 

Sign Your School Up
for a Lost and Found Makeover TODAY!

  • Visit www.givingclosetproject. org and click on “Lost and Found Makeover” 

  • Fill out school information and upload a “Before” photo of your current L&F area 

  • How do you think this program will impact your school community? (1-2 sentences) 

  • A member from our GCP team will contact you to schedule your consultation 

About the Delores Barr Weaver Fund

 Delores Barr Weaver established this Fund at The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida in 2012 to provide grants to nonprofit organizations that do work she has supported over many years and to encourage others to do so as well. Mrs. Weaver has an extraordinary legacy of philanthropy, and she has provided transformative support to dozens of nonprofit organizations that uplift, enlighten and advance our community. Her establishment of the Delores Barr Weaver Fund ($50 million) in 2012 was the largest gift in The Community Foundation’s history.

Pickup/Drop Off

Bring us the items in your lost and found.


Help us identify students that need our help.

What We Do

Since April 2016, The Giving Closet Project has performed over a dozen Lost and Found Makeovers, reuniting thousands of lost items and upcycling (cleaning and donating) more than 100,000 pounds of unclaimed clothing from school lost and founds.

Unclaimed clothing becomes part of our inventory, so we can give back to our students in need and school communities. This is just one piece of what we do. In addition, we give schools the resources they need to manage a well-organized lost and found area, so more students can easily reunite with their lost items.

Provide Clothing to Students in Need

Thousands of children go to school every day with clothes that do not fit, are in poor shape, or not clean. Thousands have only one jacket, or no jacket at all. Clean and functional clothes are part of the cornerstone to a student’s social, emotional, behavioral and academic success. The Giving Closet Project aims to recycle unclaimed lost and found items, gently used clothing donations as well as partner with businesses to donate new clothing items, in order to provide clean clothes to students in need.

Help Students with Hygiene

Along with clean and functional clothing, students require basic hygiene necessities to perform their best in school. Students living in poverty may not have access to everyday items like toothbrushes, sanitary napkins, deodorant, or soap. The Giving Closet Project provides hygiene products donated from sponsors that are then given to students who need them.

Transform School Lost and Found

Every school has a lost and found. But not every school has a lost and found that systematically organizes misplaced belongings and actively seeks to reunite students with their lost items. As an ongoing fundraiser, The Giving Closet Project works with schools to transform their lost and found by providing sorting bins, hangers, hooks, racks and more to create a space that is not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. The GCP creates a place where students want to reunite with their belongings. Any unclaimed items are then donated to the GCP and laundered by Tide Dry Cleaners to be used for other students.